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Search Engine

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Getting Indexed by our Artificial Intelligence Search Engine

Getting indexed by our Artificial Intelligence Search Engine is one of the most effective and innovative ways of getting Free traffic to your website(s) today!

Connecting knowledge from anywhere, leverage intelligent search and recommendations. Submit Your Website or Company name to our AI Search Engine to get listed & found with voice commands.

Price per listing: $99

Why Pay?

Our Web3 users prefer to pay for High Quality content instead of SPAM! The most URLs received are by far too low quality to be trustable, keep our servers running for free and wasting bandwidth on useless information.

How to Pay?

MetaMask Wallet (Payment Instructions)

1. First make your payment (e.g. 0.035 ETH or 99 USDC) directly with MetaMask. Click here!
2. Fill in your MetaMask wallet address used for payment as reference on the form below.
3. Press Submit URL button below to complete your order.

Note: Your listing, advertisement and/or Premium Membership will be (manually) activated as soon as the payment has been confirmed to us by MetaMask.

Your Company name will be used as voice command.
Please follow payment instructions, before you submit url.

After you have taken these steps, we will add the submitted URL within 12-24 hours.